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Clinical Nutrition Products And Supplements Guide




About this training

Do you find it challenging navigating the range of feeding supplements that are available to your clients?

There are so many great options out there, and we want to make it easier for you to select the most appropriate feeding supplement to suit the nutrition needs of your clients.

Now in its 9th edition, the Clinical Nutrition Products and Supplements Guide provides a ready means of identifying commercially available nutrition products and supplements, including thickeners and pre-thickened products, tube feeds and powdered and liquid supplements.

The guide will enable you to compare products, including comparisons of key nutrients, gluten and lactose content, flavour and serving size options, if products are suitable for enteral feeding, and indications for use.

An initiative of Nutrition Australia Qld’s Aged Care Nutrition Advisory Service, this guide is designed to support care facilities, pharmacies and clinicians in navigating feeding supplement options. All of the products listed in this guide are available through NAQ Nutrition’s Feeding Supplement Service.

For a sample page of the guide see below 

Sample page

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